Bead Inspirations Anniversary

Bead Inspirations Celebrates 6 Years on Park Street

Vicki Lapp began Bead Inspirations in early 2003 as a home-based business. She taught jewelry making classes out of her home in Alameda and sold supplies. Over time, she expanded both her repertoire of classes and community of beaders and was able to turn her home-based business into a full-fledged brick and mortar store, located at 1544 Park Street.

“In the six years that Bead Inspirations has been open, I have learned a lot,” comments Vicki. “We got in the business during the height of beading popularity, and survived through changing market conditions. Three factors in surviving through this: being consistent in communicating about the value that we are offering, being flexible, and being realistic in expectations.”

In addition to selling jewelry making supplies, Bead Inspirations offers fun and relaxing classes that let customers leave with an expanded sense of potential and the joy of saying “I did this!”

Her philosophy at Bead Inspirations is inspiring. Vicki believes that every person is naturally creative and immensely capable. Vicki also believes that each person is valuable because they are individual and unique, and that their personal self-expression is an important way to express their uniqueness. At Bead Inspirations, she strives to foster an environment where people are encouraged, supported, and acknowledged in expressing their natural creativity.

From beads and stones to tools and wire, Bead Inspirations carries a great selection for any arts and crafts project.  The shop also hosts beading parties for kids ages 7 and up that can take place in the shop or at another location.

In late 2007, Bead Inspirations opened a web store ( and receives orders from all over the country.

posted 11/3/10

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