Park Street Streetscape “Part 2”

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It’s finally happening! Funding is available and the City of Alameda is proceeding with Phase 2 of the Park Street Streetscape project. The project area includes two sections of Park Street: Lincoln Avenue to Webb Avenue, and Central Avenue to San Jose Avenue.

Sidewalk Closed

"Closed to Thru Traffic Only. Access to Stores Remains Open!"

The new streetscape project is scheduled to begin in mid-October and be completed by March 2012. The scope of the project consists of the installation of new street trees, street lights, bike racks, bus shelters, parking meter pay stations, and accessible curb ramps, as well as the reconstruction of portions of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. “De-construction” work includes trenching in the parking lanes for electrical and irrigation lines, removal of old street lights and old trees, and demolition of sidewalk and curbs to accommodate electric pull boxes for the light poles.

There will be no work on the weekends. Construction work hours will be restricted to Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. The contractor will keep one lane of traffic open at all times but motorists may experience minor disruptions in traffic. There may also be minor increases in noise level and dust during construction.

Access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project duration, as well as access to bus stops.

There will be temporary loss of on-street parking as construction progresses along the street but we’d like to remind you that plenty of parking is available in the Civic Center Parking Garage located near the corner of Central Ave and Oak St.

The following timeline was provided by the city engineer’s office:

  • Oct 19-23: site prep in both areas
  • Oct 24 – Nov 19, Webb to Lincoln: trenchwork; installation then removal of street lights
  • Nov 8 – Dec 12, San Jose to Encinal: trenchwork; sidewalk work; replacement of old trees
  • Jan 3 – Feb 1, Encinal to Central: trenchwork; sidewalk work; replacement of old trees
  • Feb 2-23, San Jose to Central: installation then removal of street lights; installation of bus shelters, parking meter kiosks, and tree plantings

The schedule does not include any rain days, so it’s possible that rain could push the project back as much as a month and a half.

What about the block between between Central and Santa Clara? The 1400 block of Park Street and most of the 1500 block was actually Phase 1 of the Park Street Streetscape Project and was completed quite a few years ago. The old cobra head lights were removed and replaced with the dual headed lights you see today. All of the old trees were removed and replaced. Corner sidewalk extensions were constructed, along with bulbouts/planter boxes at the mid block crossing. There are no current plans for any additional construction on the 1400 block. The short section between Lincoln and Webb was left incomplete due to lack of sufficient funding.

The Park Street Streetscape Project is funded mainly by Transportation and Community and System Preservation Federal funds, plus local Parking Lieu fees and Parking Meter funds. Questions or information about the project can be directed to Shilpa Patel, city junior engineer, at (510) 747-7930.

The businesses in the Park Street Business District appreciate your cooperation and patience during this construction. Working with the City of Alameda, we will attempt to minimize any inconvenience to customers, businesses, and the general public.

Added 10/27/11:

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 09, at City Hall Council Chambers from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. At this meeting City staff will explain the project, listen to community feedback, and explore options to improve the project that are within the parameters of the City’s Master Street Tree Plan.

The goals are to improve the street for pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders, and automobile drivers and include these basic elements:

  • Replant 60 trees for the 31 removed. The new tress will be a variety of species and size.
  • Remove 62 parking meters and replace with 8 parking kiosks.
  • Add 12 bicycle racks (there is only 1 now).
  • Add 2 bus shelters on each side of Park St. south of Encinal Ave.
  • Replace 11 existing cobra-head street lights with 38 dual-lamp historic street lights.
  • Repair areas of sidewalk that have been raised by tree roots, posing tripping hazards.

Here is a link to the new webpage about the Park Street Project:–Streetscape-Project

Added 11/16/11:

Participate in the selection of the new trees for Park Street! The City is asking the community to identify the aesthetic criteria most important for selecting Park Street’s newest trees. The survey and other information may be found at:–Streetscape-Project

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Save the date: “Shop Park Street” Customer Appreciation Day will be held on Saturday, November 5. Many of our businesses will be offering terrific discounts and other promotions.


17 Responses to “Park Street Streetscape “Part 2””

  1. Park Street Streetscape Project – January Update « Shop Park Street – Straight from the Street Says:

    […] for Phase 2 of the Park Street Streetscape Improvement project resumes this week. Phase 1 of the Streetscape project was completed in 2006 and included the block […]


  2. fidoville Says:

    I went to last night’s meeting. It was enlightening and well attended. What happened to the trees on Park Street was horrific, mishandled completely, depressing, etc. It can’t be reversed. What can be changed are the policies within the City government and departments, to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, that true public input is sought (not just a small group on committees), that there is sufficient advance notice to the public to voice their concerns and stop undesired actions such as this, and also to fix the City and departmental approval procedures. So much was overlooked by those involved, five years went by since any true public notice was last given, the way it happened last month was not even in accordance to what was “approved”. The few remaining mature trees on Park St. need to be saved. If they are healthy, they should be trimmed and have the Phase 3 of the new “streetscape” include them in the design and implementation. There was a lot of damage control, “spin”, etc. last night. The majority there were trying to work towards solving the situation now in the best manner, and the meeting was very civil, but more distressing facts came out during the discussion. I will save those for a separate write up on the situation I am working on. The whole nature and character of the city of Alameda and its residents, and why we chose to live here rather than some plastic box “developed” community, was overlooked in this process. There is no excuse for how this went down.


  3. Park Street Business Assoc. Says:

    For those who didn’t see the update posted above last week, a public meeting will be held on Wed, November 9, at City Hall Council Chambers starting at 6:30pm. This will be a chance for people to see the Park Street vision that was planned back in 2005.


  4. Park Street Business Assoc. Says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. A public meeting for the community and the business owners is planned for the near future to discuss the Park Street Streetscape project and vision. We’ll post the date on our web pages as soon as it is set.


  5. Vicki S. Says:

    If I had realized that ALL of the trees would be cut down all at once I would have definitely spoken up sooner. I was appalled as I drove down Park Street this afternoon at how stark and barren it is. I understand that there comes a time when trees may need to be removed due to the root systems interfering with the building foundations or sidewalks; however, it certainly seems that it could have been planned out better and perhaps done in stages to gradually introduce the new trees and make the street less stark. I think this was handled poorly and certainly makes Park Street significantly less enjoyable. The trees were one of the best features of the area and gave it that beautiful small town feel that made me proud to live here. If the block between Santa Clara and Central (apparently part of Phase I which was completed several years ago and still looks bare) is what we can expect for the rest of the street then I’m even more sad to realize that I’ll be a very old woman before there is ever the possibility of another beautiful canopy of trees over Park Street. I just hope no one has a similar plan for the trees on Central or any of the other beautiful tree lined streets on the island.


    • fidoville Says:

      I agree with your opinion and echo your sentence, “The trees were one of the best features of the area and gave it that beautiful small town feel that made me proud to live here.”


  6. Bil Rivera Says:

    Wow you people are so full of it. We do not feel pride we feel OUTRAGE! So you thought it would be best to destroy every single tree that made Park Street a joy to walk on. Funny how nothing was said to the public about this. Please don’t tell me that it was announced that old trees would be cut down. Nothing was said about ALL trees being destroyed and replaced by Small trees that that provide no shade. It was awful walking on Park Street today. It was hot and there was no shade anywhere. As far as us being patient for your version of beauty to pop up, well don’t count on it. You screwed up big time. Why not just admit that you were wrong. Did I mention that you disgust me?


  7. Park Street Business Assoc. Says:

    We appreciate the pride that everybody is showing for Alameda and the Park Street Business District. I am also saddened to see the removal of the trees. But unfortunately the type of trees planted years ago have a large network of roots that were uprooting the sidewalks. Public Works and others thought it would be best that, as part of federal funding of the streetscape project, the trees be replaced with a type that is more conducive to maintaining a safe sidewalk. New trees will be installed and we hope that you will be patient during the construction period. The businesses in the District appreciate your patronage and your continued support. — Stephanie


    • Fran Leidy Says:

      “the pride that everybody is showing for Alameda and the Park Street Business District” Haha, are you for real, or blind? What chain retailers do you have in mind that will be more conducive to your new ugly street, and rip-off parking meters?


    • Heather S Says:

      I am sorry, but I just don’t believe you on this one. It is a stock answer and I WOULD understand this, if it was only one or two trees. New trees will not supply shade and Female Ginko trees have a VERY awful small. I do not support you at all.

      “But unfortunately the type of trees planted years ago have a large network of roots that were uprooting the sidewalks. Public Works and others thought it would be best that, as part of federal funding of the streetscape project, the trees be replaced with a type that is more conducive to maintaining a safe sidewalk.”


  8. Guy Says:

    Wow that anyone ever thought this was a good idea shows the lack of foresight in leadership.
    This is about money going into someones pocket, it isn’t the shops, the shopkeepers or even the building owners in this case, it is the clowns that decided this was a good idea and the construction companies that they are in bed with.

    Look at how messed up they made Webster street, that is what you can expect less parking, useless benches in the sun and the rain, no trees, lots of light poles. The idea is to make it look more like Oakland more like a modern ugly looking city with no character of it’s own.

    The bureaucracy that is now running Alameda needs to be gotten rid of. Bureaucracy cannot create anything all it can do is delay, hassle and destroy. That is what we see on Park Street, a beautiful old home town main street destroyed and turned into another paved over nightmare.


  9. Monica LeMaster Says:

    This is such a huge mistake! I hate walking on Park Street now. There’s no shade! We don’t need different parking meters and more lights. We need the trees that took decades to take shape back. I can’t believe Rob Rotto said that the tree being lush was part of why it came down– “out of proportion with the street.”


  10. Jan Walton Says:

    Well said, Heather. If I go downtown for coffee anymore, I’ll take it To Go.


  11. Heather S Says:

    Dear Board of Alameda.
    How is cutting down big lush trees a way to “beautify” Park Street? Those trees gave Park Street a beauty most other paved shopping centers only dream of. We sit with our children under those trees and have bagels and coffee. Those trees provided shelter from the sun on festival days. Those trees helped make Alameda have that small town family feel, which is why many people move to Alameda. I am having trouble understand your logic. In the New York Times, they have written articles about people being tired of paved shopping centers and going back to lovely scenery. I am afraid you did not think this through. Now when I stand at the corner of Park and Central I am faced with a very desolate and unsightly paved view. I am guessing you also didn’t realize that by chopping down those trees you have uncovered some very shabby buildings with broken windows and awful facades. Face it, some of the buildings on Park really need help. Well everyone can see them now! I guess it is a matter of, “What is beauty”. I think you have forgotten who lives in this town.


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