Invest Your Gift-Buying Dollars in Alameda

This Week’s Happenings in the Park Street District: Calendar, November 14-20

Shop Park Street Alameda“We are the 99…” is an economic statement that has created a lot of buzz this season. But what does it mean and can an individual have any impact? Well, Alameda residents can take job creation and economic concerns into their own hands by exercising their power to strengthen our local economy. Instead of high-tailing to the nearest mega-mall or buying online for the holidays, gift buyers are encouraged to seek out independently-operated, local merchants.

This is a great initiative all year-round, but especially important at the holidays. The National Retail Federation reports that Americans spend a large portion of their annual shopping budget during the months of November and December – keeping that money in your community can have a proven impact.

According to numerous studies, dollars spent at local businesses can generate 2-3 times as much economic activity in the local communities than money spent at a national chain. This is because independent or locally-operated businesses spend more money in the local area by using more local goods and services such as banking, printing, advertising, legal services, accounting services, consulting, and more (by the way, all of these types of businesses are found in the Park Street Business District). Through this “multiplier effect,” the added taxes collected from local purchases provide support for local parks, law enforcement, road maintenance, and other public amenities. This helps to keep our community strong and healthy.

Additionally, many of our local merchants contribute year-round to Alameda’s many local non-profit organizations and school groups. Your purchases help to carry on this support.

Beyond the economic impacts, shopping local is also about celebrating the uniqueness of our community as exhibited in the variety of the shops and restaurants found on Park Street and elsewhere in the city. Equally important – shopping locally can be a social event where you can enjoy a relaxed and rewarding experience while shopping and dining with friends and family in Alameda’s vibrant commercial district.

So as you begin your holiday shopping ventures we hope that you will remember that businesses in the Park Street Business District are an important part of your community, offering great customer service and a commitment to the Alameda community that can’t be matched. Let’s support them this holiday season as they support our local economy year-round. Shop Local, Shop Park Street!

Five reasons to shop and dine locally:

  1. PSBA members offer customers outstanding service and a high level of expertise in their field.
  2. Many of our PSBA members contribute to Alameda’s local non-profit organizations and school groups. Your purchases support this effort.
  3. Local tax dollars pay for the upkeep of our local parks and more. Again, your purchases support this effort.
  4. Shopping near home reduces the carbon footprint by keeping cars off the highway.
  5. Small business owners and their employees may be from your neighborhood. By purchasing from local merchants, you keep your friends and neighbors employed.

Where will you be shopping this year? What is your favorite gift-buying shop in the Park Street Business District?

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