Park Street’s Newest Trees (Survey)

Park Street StreetscapeAt the November 9th public meeting about the Park Street Streetscape Project, community members expressed a desire to have an opportunity to provide input regarding the aesthetics of the new trees to be installed on the 1200 and 1300 blocks of Park Street early next year.

In response, the City is asking the community to identify the criteria most important for selecting Park Street’s newest trees via an online survey.

What’s important to you?… Do you prefer evergreen trees or trees that provide different coloring during the year? Do you prefer seasonal shade or shade year-round? Do you prefer trees to be the same height or a mix of sizes? Do you prefer a selection of trees that will give Park Street a unique character? Should Park Street to have a unifying treescape with the same species of trees along the entire street?

Participate in the selection of the new trees for Park Street! The survey and other information may be found at:–Streetscape-Project.

The survey will be available until November 27.

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Survey Results (posted 1/13/12)

The City’s received 472 responses to its on-line survey regarding characteristics to be considered for the new trees planted as part of the Park Street Phase 2 project. The survey results ( showed that the community wants Park Street to have a unique look with a mix of tree species, colors, and heights. Shade in the summer and light in the winter was also important, as was planting fast growing trees. Based on these responses, staff worked with local tree experts to identify possible tree species that would best meet the community’s criteria.

On January 9, the Planning Board approved adding the October Glory MapleSilver Linden, and Brisbane Box to the list of trees that may be planting along Park Street. The Planning Board also indicated that the existing gingko and crape myrtle that were not removed with the other trees should be retained and not replaced to match the new tree species.

Other information about the project may be found at:–Streetscape-Project

Added 3/27/12: See What Park Street Will Look Like:

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