New Parking Meter Kiosks on Park Street and What To Do If You Get a Ticket in Alameda

Parking Meter Kiosk on Park Street, AlamedaParking kiosks have been installed on Park Street between San Jose and Central Avenue as part of the recent Park Street Streetscape improvement project. The new kiosks accept debit cards and credit cards, as well as coins. Hourly parking rates remain the same although persons using a debit/credit card will be charged a minimum of one hour.

PARKING ENFORCEMENT will begin on Monday, June 25, which means if you don’t pay for parking and display the receipt on your dashboard, YOU WILL GET A TICKET.

The kiosks are very easy to use: 1) pay with either coins or a credit/debit card, 2) choose the amount of time needed, up to two hours, and 3) take the printed receipt and place it face-up on the driver’s side dashboard.

Most kiosks are located in the middle of the block. If you don’t see a kiosk right away, look for a sign that looks like this:

Parking Meter Kiosk Sign on Park Street, Alameda

More information about the parking kiosks is available on the City’s website.

Also worth noting…

If you do get a parking ticket in Alameda, you can now deal directly with the Alameda Police Department rather than dealing with “poor customer service” from Southern Calif.

Effective immediately, APD is accepting payments for parking citations in person (via check, money order, cash or credit), handling all customer service questions (via phone or in-person), and administering the review process if you contest a citation because you believe it was issued  in error.

APD says that callers can expect to speak to a live person as their first point of contact and will not have to navigate a lengthy phone tree. The phone number is (510) 337-8411.

More information about dealing with parking citations is available on the City’s website.

The merchants in the Park Street Business District appreciate your business and would like to remind you that, to avoid any difficulties to begin with, don’t forget to pay for parking and place the receipt face-up on the driver’s side of your dashboard!

Do you have a parking tip for the Park Street Business District? Where’s the best parking? Share your comments below.

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