Alameda See Spot Run Provides a Holistic Approach to Animal Care

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Alameda See Spot Run staff

Congratulations to Alameda See Spot Run for celebrating their first anniversary! Festivities are being planned for Saturday, July 21.

Last summer, Cynthia Schorle and her daughter Madison Leonesio began what had been a lifelong dream… to operate a pet supply store based on a holistic approach to animal care. To that end, Alameda See Spot Run is a local, family-owned urban pet supply store located at 2510 Santa Clara Avenue that provides products, services, and education that promotes healthy pets for happy families.

Alameda See Spot Run is pleased to offer a wide selection of healthy foods for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, and chickens too! All of their foods are holistic, which means that they are designed to support the optimum health for each animal and are healthfully prepared.

Alameda See Spot Run pet foodsYour pet’s diet is the foundation of your pet’s health. Most commercial pet foods contain by-products, preservatives and additives, fillers, and artificial ingredients to make food look and taste a certain way — and just like any processed food, some nutrition is lost during the process. A proper diet for your pet should include a healthy blend of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  These healthier, more natural foods (brands like LotusCanidae, Taste of the Wild, and Chicken Soup for the Dog/Cat Lovers Soul) help prevent the development of diseases, degenerative arthritis, expensive surgeries, and many other health risks. It also promotes a healthy immune and digestive system, a shiny coat, and a positive supply of energy.

Cynthia and Madison have raised, rescued, and kept every kind of animal. Having the best choices for maintaining the health of each family pet has been a priority for them. Cynthia recalls, “Fifteen years ago, information on keeping certain pets was hard to come by. Bookstores and libraries did not offer “how to” books on keeping rabbits or raising a duck. We did it by trial and error. We visited shelters, veterinarians, and ordered textbooks online.”

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To help other pet owners maintain a healthy life for their furry (and feathered) friends, the mother-daughter team are working hard to be Alameda’s first choice for pet information and pet supplies for all types of animals. Alameda See Spot Run is a place where you can have a pet tag engraved, pick up flea medications, and get advice on health management for just about any pet. They also offer grooming services for dogs and cats, a self-wash dog bathing station, puppy classes with BRAVO!PUP, and a consulting veterinarian who brings a world of knowledge to all of their customers. Cynthia says, “We have a slogan around here,… ‘The information you want, the products you need, At the Best Price in Town!'”

A twenty-year Alameda resident, Cynthia is committed to building the business, spreading the word that family businesses can succeed, and that providing individual service (including free home delivery of supplies) can be a winning formula in Alameda.

When you shop at Alameda See Spot Run, you’ll receive personal service by a family committed to their own pets and with a sincere desire to share their time and knowledge to benefit you. Visit their clean and bright well-stocked store and help squash the myth that smaller independent stores cost more!

See Spot Run logoCynthia and Madison invite all pet owners, and prospective owners, to “Come in and get acquainted!”  You can get free samples of pet food and order any pet support product you desire.

Alameda See Spot Run is located at 2510 Santa Clara Avenue and is open 7 days a week. There is ample free parking behind the store and dogs are welcomed on leash. Alameda See Spot Run also offers FREE pet-food delivery to Alameda residents.

For more information, go to or call 510-522-SPOT (7768).

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