Park Street, Alameda — The Greenest Shopping District in America

Join us on Saturday, April 20, for special Earth Day activities in the Park Street Business District: View List of Activities

Earth Day is being celebrated in Alameda this Saturday, April 20. In recognition of the annual event, businesses in Alameda’s Park Street Business District were asked to reflect on what they do to preserve our natural resources and to reduce the amount of garbage thrown into our landfills.

Earth Day Leaf displayed at LanvieTo keep unnecessary garbage out of the landfills, a majority of the businesses in the Park Street District recycle paper, cardboard, and plastic. In addition, a majority of the restaurants participate in an “organics” waste program. Several businesses even make special trips to recycling centers and E-Waste centers to discard batteries, light bulbs, paint cans, metal, and electronics. Some shops, such as The Clothes Line and Pillow Park, donate unsold clothing and furniture to local charities. Lesser known facts are that numerous district restaurants recycle their used cooking oils to bio-diesel companies and that cafes and markets (such as The Beanery) recycle coffee grounds, fruits, and vegetables by giving the discarded food stuff to customers for gardening compost and rabbit/chicken feed. Tucker’s Ice Cream even gives away their unused egg yolks.

Fun Fact: The appearance of the Alameda Theatre Treat Team Characters on the movie screens has helped the Alameda Theatre & Cineplex recycle 80% of their trash this year!

Park Centre Anaimal Hospital, AlamedaWhen you step inside the businesses, you will notice that many of them have switched to LED lighting. In addition, Park Centre Animal Hospital installed a solar panel system that now produces 30% of their electricity usage – the CO2 offset is equivalent to taking 4 automobiles of the road each year. Businesses throughout the district also boast water savings by installing low flow toilets and sinks.

Fun Fact: The Marketplace has reduced their building’s water usage by 400 gallons per day! This was accomplished by installing efficient low-flow sinks and toilets in their public restrooms. They have also saved 10,000 paper towels per month with the installation of air hand dryers!

Most of the businesses in the district use recycled content copy paper. Restaurants and other eateries such as Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden use biodegradable cups and packaging. Many businesses have also switched from using paper cups and plastic bottled water bottles to using real cups and glasses that get washed in their place of business. For further savings, many businesses use a water filtration system for drinking water instead of buying bottled water.

Grinch Mountain at We Are Hair, 1343 Park Street, AlamedaFun Fact: Do you remember the Grinch Mountain inside We Are Hair? The huge Halloween display was made from recycled cardboard boxes, paper, and packaging materials received in their deliveries.

Transportation is also a way that businesses help to preserve our natural resources. Of the several thousand people employed by the Park Street District businesses, it is estimated that over 1/3 of all these employees use public transportation, walk, skateboard or bicycle to work — some of the businesses have 100% who walk or bicycle.

There are also many “green” benefits when businesses such as Silk Road and The Sewing Room & Style Lounge source their products or supplies locally because of the savings in transportation fuel and other positive effects.

When it comes to being green, the Park Street Business District has racked up some impressive numbers:

  • A total of 48 businesses in the Park Street Business District have participated in Alameda Municipal Power’s energy efficiency programs in the past 3 years. (The energy reduced is equal to the annual electric use of 188 average Alameda homes.)
  • 75 restaurants and eateries in the Park Street Business District participate in “Organic” recycling of all food waste. According to Alameda County Industries (ACI), that’s over 1/3 of all participating businesses on the island.
  • Over 20 retail shops (such as Second Home) sell almost exclusively reused and reclaimed items….clothing, furniture, toys, antiques, videos, books, and more… Another 30 or more retail shops in the district sell items made from recycled or reused materials.
  • 6 businesses in the Park Street Business District are “Certified Green Businesses” (Alameda Publishing Group, Lee Auto Supply, Litho Process, Monkey Bars, Pappo, and West Advertising) with several others are in the process of becoming certified.
  • 6 businesses are signed up for AMP’s “Alameda Green” program, with more signing up each week.

Come see how our businesses together make the Park Street Business DistrictThe Greenest Shopping District in America.” Join us for some exciting Earth Day activities on Saturday, April 20!

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