New Businesses in the Park Street Business District: Game On! (June/July 2013)

High Scores Arcade, AlamedaThe Park Street Business District just got a little more fun. Please welcome one of our newest businesses and entertainment centers… High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum.

High Scores (1414 Park Street) is a vintage arcade museum dedicated to the preservation of the classic era of gaming and offers a vast collection of classic video games for public play.

Husband and wife team Shawn & Meg Livernoche built their collection of classic arcade games over the past 10 years and first opened High Scores 1.0 in Burlington, New Jersey in 2010. After relocating to Alameda in January 2013, Shawn and Meg searched for a space on Park Street to display their games and were thrilled to opened the doors to the public on July 1.

High Scores Arcade, Alameda

High Scores Arcade Museum focuses on the classic games of the 1980’s and features an incredible collection of popular consoles (Tron, Pac-Man, Star Wars, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!), cult favorites (Star Castle, Congo Bongo, Ladybug), and a few 90’s titles (Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II, Revolution X). Available for play are a total of 32 dedicated cabinets and 6 multicades (one of the multicades offers over 250 game titles in the one console!), plus a well-stocked jukebox pumping out 70’s and 80’s pop/rock hits. Each game has been meticulously restored to original condition.

High Scores Interactive Arcade Museum is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. Adults can visit and experience a sense of nostalgia, while introducing to their children the games that they once played. Children can discover games of the past that challenge their ability to memorize patterns and strategy.

Stop by and try to beat the high scores! The cost is a $5 donation for 1 hour of free-play and $10 for a day pass.

High Scores Arcade
1414 Park Street

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Goods, AlamedaMore New Businesses:
Goods, 2537 Santa Clara Ave
High Scores Arcade, 1414 Park Street
Mei Mei Restaurant, 2520 Santa Clara Ave

New Locations:
Aphrodite’s Closet, 1419 Park Street (inside Park Street Plaza)
East End Pizza Co., 1650 Park Street (larger space in Marketplace)

In the Works:

Bambu Desserts & Drinks, 1409 Park Street
Baron’s Eats, 1650 Park Street (inside Marketplace)
Bonne Vie, 1419 Park Street (inside Park Street Plaza)
Mama Papa Lithuania, 1241 Park Street
Park Cafe, 1417 Park Street
Seven 7 Salon, 1629 Park Street
The Gotham Harbor Coffee Co., 1419 Park Street (inside Park Street Plaza)
Wine & Waffles, 1505 Park Street

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