Pledge to be an Alameda Island Shopper

The City of Alameda is launching an Alameda Island Shopper campaign at the Mayor’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony on Saturday, December 7, in front of City Hall.

Alameda Island Shopper

“Alameda Island Shopper” re-usable tote bags will be given away for FREE from 4:30pm to 6:00pm to those who take the Alameda Island Shopper Pledge and make an effort to shop local during the holiday season.

Five Reasons to be an Alameda Island Shopper:

  1. Shopping locally supports our businesses in their efforts to contribute to Alameda non-profit organizations and school groups.
  2. Shopping locally generates more sales tax dollars for our parks, libraries, streets, and protective services.
  3. Shopping locally helps create local jobs.
  4. Shopping locally preserves Alameda’s unique charm.
  5. Shopping locally feels good!

Be a local shopper! Take the Alameda Island Shopper Pledge this Saturday and get a FREE TOTE BAG!

More information is available on the City of Alameda website:

Alameda Mayor Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony

Alameda Mayor’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony 2013:

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