Dealing in Coins and Precious Metals at Fort Knox of Alameda

Fort Knox of Alameda

Fort Knox of Alameda has been selling and buying gold, silver, rare coins, estate jewelry, diamonds, watches, sterling flatware, and bullion for over 30 years . Their well-trained staff are always available to help you in any way they can — Fort Knox of Alameda can even provide spot appraisals on a range of items.

Are you interested in selling or buying a collection of old coins? Are you thinking of selling some unwanted jewelry? Or maybe you are looking to invest in precious metals or precious stones?

If you’ve never worked with a dealer, the following questions and answers can help you understand how a local dealer  such as Fort Knox of Alameda can be of greatest assistance:

How long has Fort Knox of Alameda been in business?
We have been serving the Bay Area for over 30 years and counting. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and has access to an expansive network of resources (both buyers and sellers).

What types of precious metals does Fort Knox buy and sell?
We deal in precious metals, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

Fort Knox of AlamedaWhat types of gold items does Fort Knox buy?
We buy any form of gold such as gold coins from any country; used or unwanted gold rings, chains, bracelets, and necklaces; dental gold; gold dust; etc.

What types of silver items does Fort Knox buy?
We buy any silver items regardless of condition including .999 silver coins, .925 sterling coins, and sterling silver flatware.

Does Fort Knox buy U.S. currency?
We buy and sell all types of United States coins and paper money. We also are big buyers of rare coins and can handle any collection that you might have. Michael Sr., Linda, and son Michael are all expert, certified coin graders.

Can Fort Knox help me find precious stones that I’m looking for?
Fort Knox can provide you with any size or quality stone that you desire. (If selling, we are always in constant need of diamond rings and loose gem stones.)

Can Fort Knox help me identify the value of items that I am interested in selling? 
If you do not know the market for an item that you want to sell, if there is one, we will find it for you. We are currently part of a networked computer system with approximately 1,500+ dealers nationwide.

Fort Knox of Alameda staffWill I be paid cash for items that I sell to Fort Knox?
Fort Knox will pay cash if requested and if we have it on hand.

Does Fort Knox do appraisals?
Fort Knox can give you a verbal appraisal on your items. We can also provide a written appraisal upon request.  If you simply need to know if something is real, we can tell you that too!

I am unable to visit Fort Knox during normal business hours. Is it possible to make a special appointment?
If you cannot make it to Fort Knox of Alameda during our normal hours of operation, feel free to request a special appointment.

Fort Knox of Alameda is conveniently located in Downtown Alameda at 1546 Park Street. The owners take pride in providing a safe, secure environment for all transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, Fort Knox of Alameda offers very competitive prices. For more information, call (510) 523-8000 or visit their website at

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