The Downtown Alameda Business Association (formerly Park Street Business Association – PSBA) is a non-profit organization designed to serve as a support network for the 450+ businesses located in the Historic Park Street Commercial District. The Downtown Association’s goal is to develop an economically prosperous business district to ensure that the downtown district continues to be the business, cultural, and civic center of Alameda, CA. Through a united effort, we encourage the membership to promote trade, commerce, and cooperative relationships among diverse individuals and businesses.

The Downtown Alameda Business Association helps to promote the many activities and events that take place in Alameda’s shopping and entertainment district, maintains the public areas, and provides a collective voice to City Hall. The Downtown Association has been instrumental in effecting numerous policy changes and improvements in the district over the past several years.

The Downtown Association Business Association coordinates and hosts three annual events: the Park Street Art & Wine Faire, the Park Street Spring Festival, and the Park Street Classic Car Show.

Website: www.DowntownAlameda.com

Twitter page: www.twitter.com/DowntownAlameda

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DowntownAlameda

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