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Have you been looking for a full-service shoe store? Alameda Orthopedic Footcare Center (AOFC) located at 2322 Santa Clara Avenue is a shoe store, pedorthic center, and shoe repair facility. So whether you need custom-designed therapy shoes or a simple sandal repair, you’ve found the place.

Alameda Orthopedic FootcareAOFC specializes in premium-grade comfort footwear, custom and over-the-counter inserts, pedorthic services, professional shoe fitting and foot care, and shoe repair services. The footcare center has been providing the Bay Area community with quality products and personal service since 1993.

Alameda Orthopedic Footcare Center has been accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC) and is recognized for its high standards of patient care, practitioner competence, facility safety, and patient rights.  In addition, the owner Peter Losef  is himself an ABC-Certified Pedorthist (or C. Ped.) — ABC practitioner certification requires the profession’s most rigorous educational and examination achievements.

There are a number of orthotic and prosthetic facilities in the Bay Area that have been accredited, however, Alameda Orthopedic Footcare Center is the first ABC-accredited facility in the Bay Area which is owned and operated by an ABC-Certified Pedorthist.

Pedorthic devices are therapeutic shoes, shoe modifications made for therapeutic purposes, foot orthoses, and other devises that solve problems related to the foot and lower limb. Such devices usually require a prescription. When a foot requires medical attention, footwear becomes very important in the patient’s treatment, recovery or rehabilitation. A certified pedorthist (or C. Ped.) is a health care professional who is specially educated and trained to manage comprehensive pedorthic patient care including patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, and implementation and follow-up of the treatment plan. It is a team approach: while the doctor treats your foot, the certified pedorthist addresses your footwear needs.

Besides fabricating shoes and orthotics to meet your prescription, Peter also carries an array of brand-name therapeutic footwear and insoles. If it’s foot-related, Peter probably stocks it or can order it for you.

AOFC is having a sale this week — receive 10% off on any shoes in stock. Peter is also offering 10% off shoe repairs. Just mention this article and the Alameda Sun.

Alameda Orthopedic Footcare is located at 2322 Santa Clara Avenue near Park Street. The shop is set back within a nice courtyard.

For more information, you can call (510) 523-4316 or visit

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